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Between sick kids and work is there any time for me?

December 09, 2021 The Momxiety Club Episode 42
Momxiety Club
Between sick kids and work is there any time for me?
Show Notes

Listen in on this episode where I talk about how I’ve been handling life as I am thrown little curveballs over and over again.  When mama duty calls in the form of sleeping in a toddler bed with a sick kiddo,  keeping kids home from school, losing the only babysitter you trust during a pandemic, researching potential chickenpox, all plans go right out the window.   

On top of all the stresses that come with sick kids, comes the added bonus of the house being a complete disaster!  Some people can handle living in a messy house, others find that it just adds to their anxiety.

In this episode, I mention an article about burnout in parents with sick kids during the past two years.  =  The strain of parents taking on sick kids while working from home or taking time off of work to care for their kiddos is so challenging for all of us.

When you know self-care is the answer, but also know it’s impossible, that just adds another layer on top of this already stressful time.  Selfcare is seemingly impossible when we can’t do anything for ourselves because we are taking care of sick kids, business, work, the house, etc.

If you find yourself in a similar place and need someone to talk to, the Momxiety Club is that place for so many moms just like you.  This is a place to talk about ALL the things including how anxiety can show up in the form of anger.

Some people can deal with it and for some people, it sends us in a downward spiral.  If you need support, please reach out @momxietyclub, via email, or join the next Momxiety Club Support Call.  

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