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All or Nothing Thinking and Our Inner Voice

November 25, 2021 The Momxiety Club Episode 40
Momxiety Club
All or Nothing Thinking and Our Inner Voice
Show Notes

“Today I want you to think about all that you are instead of all that you are not.” This was a recent post on the Momxiety Club Instagram and I wanted to talk a little more about it here on the podcast.

This is a tough one at times and I am more often than not (READ - like always) thinking about what I am not…not, what I am.  

I would tell my kids, ”You’re so strong…Oh wow you kept trying!” but think to myself, “You’re so weak and out of shape. You just give up and are a failure.”

Shouldn’t we be modeling how to talk to ourselves in a positive manner? Isn’t this what we want to teach our kids?  Shouldn’t we continue talking to our kids like this beyond infancy and the early school years?  What made us stop talking to ourselves in a positive manner?

I’ve been thinking more and more about how my mind seems to think in “all or nothing” ways and working on more positive self-talk…even if it’s only one little thing a day that breaks through the negativity.

Listen in and let me know what you think about how anxiety affects your self-talk and your “all or nothing” view or attitude.

A few other topics and keywords discussed:
-Family Command Center
-Visual Schedule
-Executive Functioning

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