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Momxiety Attack: From "Get me out of here!" to "I need to get back!"

November 11, 2021 Episode 38
Momxiety Club
Momxiety Attack: From "Get me out of here!" to "I need to get back!"
Show Notes

This episode was recorded in April 2021 but is being released now in November 2021. There are two reasons I am sharing this...even though it was recorded months ago.  This was recorded when I was having an anxiety attack. My chest was tight, I was worried and overwhelmed. It's important to share the reality of what an anxiety attack can "look and feel" like. Not everyone experiences anxiety the same way and one individuals anxiety attacks are not all the same.
This is also relevant because it was recorded at the time that many adults were able to be vaccinated in the US and, for many, the world was opening up again, but I was still feeling trapped and nervous since both my children are under 12.
Now that kids 5-11 are able to be vaccinated, this is still relevant for many, like me, who have kids under 5.  My oldest is immunocompromised but was able to get his first shot yesterday, but my youngest is we are still in this in-between more comfortable but not 100% comfortable stage.
I found this new re-entry and re-opening anxiety in April 2021 and what is sure to come in the next few months again to be very similar to the momxiety of having a newborn at home and leaving the house for the first several months postpartum. 

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