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The Connection Between Sensory Processing and Anxiety: A conversation with Dr. Lauren Pittard of Kidable Therapy

May 27, 2021 The Momxiety Club Episode 32
Momxiety Club
The Connection Between Sensory Processing and Anxiety: A conversation with Dr. Lauren Pittard of Kidable Therapy
Show Notes

Did you know that 67% of kids without Autism have sensory challenges? You'll learn this and a whole lot more about sensory processing and how it relates to mental health, specifically anxiety, in both children and adults, in this episode with Dr. Lauren Pittard.

Dr. Lauren Pittard is a pediatric occupational therapist and is passionate about helping children play, move, and perform better. Lauren is the owner of Kidable Therapy, a private occupational therapy practice, and Kidable Family, an online membership program that provides monthly tips and play activities for families. Her work focuses on using sensory, motor, emotional, and cognitive strategies that help children reach their fullest potential.

We cover A LOT! For even more check out the Playful Movement Hour where Kidable Therapy and Momxiety Club teamed up for a fun event for the whole family! You can purchase the replay here for only $20.

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